A Few Questions We’ve Heard Before…

How are children incorporated into parish life?

Kids in church are called the “children’s choir,” and are always welcome.  We have a professionally-staffed Nursery during the later service for the younger wigglers.  Our children’s formation is centered around an accredited Godly Play program run in three sites for youth of all ages.  Youth Sunday is offered every Fifth Sunday, and we support our older kids with St. Luke’s Youth Group.  Youth also serve as acolytes and as ministers at the altar (with special training and supervision).   Our ministry to Youth is one of the Core Values of parish life.

How can I join this parish?

We are delighted that you have been with us for worship, or are considering joining us in worship in the near future! Our church membership is made up of folks with all sorts of different backgrounds and church experiences. We would love to welcome you into our community!

Listed below are a few of the categories into which you might find yourself. We have tried to suggest a path to follow for each of these. If you have further questions, please contact the church office (303-355-2331).

If you are currently listed as a member of another Episcopal Church…
Call St. Luke’s Parish Office (303-355-2331), and we will have your Letter of Transfer sent here. Your membership will be recorded, and you will receive a letter from the Parish Adminstrator letting you know that you are on the membership roles.

If you are currently an adult, baptized member of another Christian denomination…
Call the church office and ask that you be notified when our next series of “Inquirer’s Classes” begin. These are done at the 9:00 hour on Sundays, and begin on the first Sunday in January and go until Palm Sunday. You will learn about how Episcopalians approach the study of the Bible, as well as church polity and life at St. Luke’s. You will then be presented to the Bishop at the Regional Confirmation service in May. If you are previously a member of the Lutheran or Roman Catholic church, you will be ‘received’ into the Episcopal Church. As a courtesy, you may want to notify your previous church and have your name removed from their membership list.

If you have never been baptized…
Take your time in deciding what you would like to do. Join us regularly for worship and fellowship. Speak with some of our members about their faith and their experience at St. Luke’s. Enter into a dialogue with our clergy about the Christian faith and about the sacrament of baptism; attend the adult education classes offered on Sunday mornings at 9:00 a.m. and the Wednesday night worship and study at 6:00 p.m. When you decide you are ready to make the commitment to join St. Luke’s, we will be happy to schedule your baptism, and begin your journey to confirmation.  By the way, you do not have to be baptized to participate in the community.  But it might help.

Three other things to consider…

    1. Communication.  Please let us know about yourself via the Information Sheet available at the Welcome Center.  With your family names and contact information, we can help you join the community celebrations of birthdays, anniversaries, and regular contact through the Lark (our newsletter).  You are also welcome to connect through the parish website, the parish email list, and from there to our Facebook page.
    1. Financial Support.  We need your help.  We are a spiritual home and worship center, but Excel Energy, staff salaries, and the normal cost-of-business affect the parish as it does your own family.  You will be invited and encouraged to join in giving a regular pledge toward the ministries of the parish, within and beyond our walls.
    1. Community.  You have already discovered that St. Luke’s has a heart, mind, purpose and a life of its own.  You are invited to become part of it through participation in the ministry groups of the parish.  Join in!  Become a part of…  And remember that others need to be part of you, too.  Connect, and welcome others’ connection with you.

And watch Jesus connect us all!

What kind of outreach opportunities are there?

We focus on a different ministry/outreach opportunity each month, but also welcome regular contributions to our focus groups: Denver Urban Ministries (DenUM); Urban Peak, Ashley elementary School, St. Francis Center, and St. Clare’s Kitchen. Check with the Outreach Committee for current needs for volunteers and support.