Church School for All Grades Resumes on September 18

With open arms and smiling faces, we welcome back all children to St. Luke’s Church School program. Church School is offered for children and youth of the parish, ages 3 to 18. It includes Godly Play and the Upper Room. All classes begin at 10:15 a.m., and the students will return to Church in time for Communion.


Godly Play is offered for all children ages 3 to 10. The youngest children, Pre-school through First Grade, go to the Sacred Space,

while the older children, Second through Fourth Grades, meet in the Atrium. Godly Play is an approach to working with children that supports,

challenges, nourishes, and helps guide their spiritual quest.



The Upper Room welcomes young people of Middle School and High School ages. The Upper Room classes gather in the Attic

and use curricula that inspire and engage these emerging adults.


On Homecoming Sunday, September 11, we are celebrating the resumption of Church School, the stewardship campaign,

and the installation of our new Rector, Mother Amy Lythgoe. Many exciting events are planned for that day,

so we hope you can be there to join in the festivities. From 9 to 10 a.m., the teachers will have a booth in the Welcome Center

and be available to talk to all families about our Church School program. We will also be giving tours of our three classrooms:

the Sacred Space, Atrium, and Attic.


If you have any questions about St. Luke’s Church School program, please do not hesitate to contact Gordy Tucker at 

or (303) 250-4610.