welcome to st. luke's denver


since 1890

Whatever path you are on, we are glad it has brought you here. 

Wherever you are in your journey, we are happy to meet you there. 
Whatever you seek, we know that God holds the answer. 
We invite you to travel with us, to grow with us, to rest with us.
Welcome to St. Luke’s.

locations & times

1270 poplar st. denver, co 80222

sundays 7:45 & 10:15am

streaming church online through

youtube at 10:15am

     1270 poplar st.

     denver, co 80222


    mailing address:

       p.o. box 201296

       denver, co 80220


    monday - thursday





    call us: 303-355-2331


Welcome to St. Luke's Denver. We are a community that welcomes people

into our life of worship, Bible Study, educational events, exercise classes,

and so much more. We hope you will join us and help us become better

together as our world continues to change around us.

May St. Luke's be a place of refuge and strength,

solace, and growth.

Our community supports a variet of needs in our neighborhoods

throughout the year. We pray together. We eat together.

We sing together and we work together. Our God-given skills

and talents help to create a world where all of God's

children are welcome and where we strive to live the

Gospel that is God as known in Jesus Christ.

A good way to learn about us is to come and worship with us on a Sunday.

We have in-person and online (YouTube) services.

We look forward to welcoming you!

Rev Jan Oller , Interim Rector

welcome mother amy!

j. philip newell