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Rev Jan Oller

Aug 14


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August 7 - Rev Jan Oller


July 31 - Rev Sandy Blake


The essence of the message of God’s prophet, Hosea, is God’s love affair with Israel and with us. But according to Hosea, God rages about Israel’s idolatry and unfaithfulness. And at the same time God speaks tenderly to God’s people with love and compassion. We can reciprocate this kind of love with faithfulness, loving and knowing God intimately --- receiving God into our entire being. God’s incarnate self-expression, Jesus, makes possible this deeper relationship with God, and better knowing the “invisible” God.


July 24 - Rev Jan Oller


Prayer is about responding to God’s unceasing love for us. God hears our prayers. God waits for our prayers. Prayer is our heart’s true home.